Welcome to Granger Amplification. We manufacture high performance vacuum tube amplifiers.


Welcome to Granger Amplification! We build high performance, custom handcrafted vacuum tube guitar amplifiers.

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Granger Amplification builds great sounding, high performance, custom handcrafted tube amplifiers, using the finest components and time-tested designs. Granger amps are made in the USA!

Granger Amps = Awesome tone! We build high performance, custom handcrafted vacuum tube amplifiers, using only the finest components and time-tested designs. Granger amps are made in the USA! Call us at (800) 717-7660 for all your amplifier needs.

We also offer repair, modification, and servicing for tube amplifiers and guitars. See our services page for more detail. Contact us to find out what we can build, repair, or modify for you.

We offer amp parts, mod kits, tools, and accessories for amp builders, modders, and techs. Visit our Custom Shop to browse all our products.

Online/Fax/Phone Ordering. It's easier than ever to order! You can place your custom order for any of our amps online, by fax, or by phone.

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