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(205) 436-8219
(800) 717-7660

Granger Amplification LLC
203 S Beechwood Drive
Hueytown, AL 35023-2018

For After-Hours support please use the contact form to email us.

For Granger product-related questions, sales inquiries, custom amp options and customer support, please send us a message from the form to the right, or call. Please keep in mind we stay extremely busy so it's not possible to answer all calls. We urge you to leave a short message if you wish to be called back. Visits to the shop are by appointment only! Please email, or call ahead to schedule.

PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING US: We DO NOT diagnose amp problems or provide answers about fixing/modding/or any other info regarding your amp via email or phone, unless you have already sent your amp to us, or are a current customer or Granger amp owner. If your amp needs repair, please arrange to bring/ship it to us or to another qualified amp tech. Please use this RESOURCE regarding general amp repair questions. Due to liability issues and time constraints, emails of this nature will go unanswered. Also, be sure to check our FAQ page and product pages for specific information regarding Granger products before emailing. Finally, LISTEN TO THE SOUND CLIPS. Asking us to use words like punchy, loose, bright, Plexi-ish, clean, etc. cannot come close to conveying how an amp sounds. We've spent a lot of time recording the sound clips to make sure they adequately represent our products, and asking us to describe an amp's tone with words when sound clips are available is both time consuming and very subjective.

Shop Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 5:30pm CT
Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

Current shop time:

Current, average turnaround times

For stock amp builds (as of 01/07/2013): 8 weeks from date of first cleared deposit/payment.

For custom amp builds (as of 01/07/2013): 10 weeks from date of first cleared deposit/payment.

For repairs & modifications: 7-10 business days (non-stocked parts orders can extend this time).

For basic servicing (retubes, biasing, etc.): Same day (your tubes), 5 business days (our tubes)

We offer Expedited (Rush) Service at a premium rate of $45/half hour.

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Note: Replies to emails sent from comcast.net, AOL, and a few other ISPs have been blocked. If you have contacted us and have not received a reply within 3-4 days, please call us, or send your email to (spelled phonetically) curt [dot] granger [at] gmail [dot]. You should also add the domain grangeramp.com to your email whitelist/safelist.

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